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Now accepting insurance!  We are in-network with the following plans: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

  • Regence

  • Premera

  • Global 

  • LifeWise

  • Heritage Signature

  • Individual Signature

  • First Choice Health 

  • Kaiser PPO

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We suggest calling your insurance provider to check your benefits prior to our appointment. Here is an insurance script to guide the conversation when checking benefits.  


Don't fret, we see clients "out-of-network" all of the time! 


This just means we aren't "paneled" or "in-network" with your insurance company.  While payment is due at the time of service, depending on your coverage you may still receive reimbursement.  We have a script to offer so you can ask the right questions when calling your insurance provider's member services. 

We make every effort to utilize the coverage you have! But regardless you deserve the care you need, reach out today. 

Appointment Packages

Because change and healing can take time, we rarely see clients once.  To make nutrition therapy more accessible we offer 3- and 6- appointment packages for those who are out-of-network or don't have health coverage.


Initial appointments are typically 85 minutes and follow up appointment are 25-55 minutes. 

Contact us today for pricing!

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